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Our Hardwood Briquettes are the best available locally in Scotland – Why?

We machine only the best hardwoods in our Joinery workshop which means that our briquettes are made up of the finest Oak, Walnut, Maple and Cherry as well as other premium timbers. All of our raw material is kiln dried when we receive it uncut which results in an almost completely dry Briquette leaving virtually no residual ash for you to clean, burns with almost zero smoke (no more soot in your chimney flue) and a super high calorific heat output making these Briquettes one of the most energy packed Eco friendly wood fuels on the market.

How do we make Briquettes?

Investing in Untha shredding technology we are able to shred all the off cuts of kiln dried hardwood from our Bespoke Joinery Workshop. As a result we have also installed a state of the art dust-extraction system that covers almost our entire workshop and feeds directly into our Briquette machine. All of our Briquettes are made here, in Fife meaning there is no additional carbon footprint to transport them anywhere for processing. As burning wood is carbon neutral (wood only releases the carbon it originally absorbed) the carbon footprint in producing our Briquettes is as small as we can possibly make it!

How do I buy wood briquettes?

Telephone 01337 860212 and ask for Sam or Benji to order yours.





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